EVTW Double Core Heating Cable

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A house is a home given the warmth of a floor heating system.

Product Features & Advantages

Structure of EVTW double core heating cable

Patent technology: ZL03252675.X, CT04-0767

    1. Heating wire:  multi-stranded polymer
    2. Cold wire:  tin-plated copper stranded wire 0.5mm2 (16*0.2mm)
    3. Insulator:  Silicone Rubber (RDP-G)
    4. Insulator:  Polyvinyl chloride (Y type), wall thickness 0.8mm
    5. Moisture-resistant layer:  PET polyester film
    6. Earth wire:  copper stranded wire 32*0.20mm (1.00mm2)
    7. Shield layer:  aluminum foil composite (impedance 0.10 Ω / m)
    8. Outer protection sheath layer:  polyvinyl chloride (Y type), wall thickness 0.8mm, Outer diameter Ø 6.9mm
    9. Tensile reinforcement:  DuPont fiber
100% German-origin Halmburger heating cables

石墨地暖 發熱電纜 浴室地暖 鈞泰工程Original manufacturer’s guarantee attached

石墨地暖 發熱電纜 浴室地暖 鈞泰工程
Manufacturer’s brand name incised

The hot and cold wire joint of the heating cable is the key part of the electric heating system. The Halmburger is processed by the German patented technology by means of cold processing technology.
The 2.2 meters cold wire can be lengthened and cut. For example, if the cold wire is extended, the copper conducting wire cross-sectional area should not be less than 2.5mm2 (recommend use of RV multi-strand cable).

Made in Germany

No. 1 heating cable sales in Europe
Established in 1959, Halmburger is Germany’s largest supplier of intelligent electric heating systems, its professional quality technology and products are in both Germany and the Europe.

石墨地暖 發熱電纜 浴室地暖 鈞泰工程

Safety Guaranteed

Halmburger’s Temperature Limiter acts as the Double protection mechanism – auto switch the power to a safe state when overheating occurs.

石墨地暖 發熱電纜 浴室地暖 鈞泰工程

High Efficiency

The Aluminum foil composite shielding layer improves thermal conductivity by acting as insulator against magnetic and radio frequency emission associated with electrical cables, thus reduces waiting time of floor heating.

石墨地暖 發熱電纜 浴室地暖 鈞泰工程

Enhanced Water Resistance

PET moisture protection layer
Included two-layered polyester PET protective layers for enhanced water resistance.
Suitable for use in bathrooms and high humidity environment.

石墨地暖 發熱電纜 浴室地暖 鈞泰工程

Reduce Humidity Level

Solution to the spring humid climate – When room temperature increases by 1 °c, the relative humidity level drops by 4-5%. It can further prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, and improve skin and respiratory allergies.

Reduce Humidity Level

Solution to the spring humid climate – When room temperature increases by 1 °c, the relative humidity level drops by 4-5%. It can further prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, and improve skin and respiratory allergies.

Test result

  • The floor heating system is the solution to the high air humidity during rainy seasons around Spring and Summer. When the room temperature increases by 1 °c, the relative humidity level drops by 4-5%.
  • This can also prevent the growth of mildew and mold and improves skin and respiratory allergies.
  • Furthermore, moisture will be heated up through the floor to balance the overall space humidity. This avoid cold and humid air from sinking to the ground.

石墨地暖 發熱電纜 浴室地暖 鈞泰工程


Halmburger (EVTW) Other brands
Country Germany
Heating matrix Multi-stranded polymer, internal high thermo resistance insulators Single strand metal alloy
Large thermal surface area, high thermal efficiency Large thermal surface area, but low thermal efficiency
Inner insulator Silicone rubber (RDP-G) XLPE interwoven polyethylene
High temperature resistance up to 145 ̊C, strong hardness, less susceptible to damage Temperature resistant 90 ̊C, not resistant to high temperatures, poor hardness
Hot and cold wire connector Exposed Exposed
Included, Patent Certificate No: CT04-0767
German patented hot and cold wire jointing technology
Not included, generally use hot and cold wire connectors
Product patent certificate number Patent Certificate No: ZL03252675.X
Special moisture-resistant cables
Nil, general cable
Shielding layer Aluminum foil composite Aluminum skin
Good shielding effect, good heat conduction effect Very hard, easy breakage, gap presence within heating matrix, poor heat conduction effect
Tensile reinforcement Included, contains DuPont tensile reinforcement can resist changes in thermal expansion and contraction of heating cables and concrete Nil, normally there will be a 0.2mm expansion coefficient in the cable when subject to thermo expansion and contraction
PET moisture protection layer Included, two-layered polyester PET protective layers for enhanced water resistance Suitable for use in bathrooms and high humidity environment Nil, no moisture barrier suitable for dry climatic condition in continental Europe
Temperature limiter Included, double protection Nil
Power output 19.6W/m 18W/m
Place of manufacture Germany
High-pressure test 4000 volt high voltage test 2000 volt high voltage test
Conclusive analysis Professional manufacturing, imported from Germany, high thermal efficiency, Multi-layered protection, established since 1959. The number one brand of European electrical floor heating
Physical photo

Note: All electric floor heating constant power products cannot be covered with heavy object or large area of carpet


Item Data
Operating Voltage 220V/230V
Output Power 19.6w/m
Maximum surface temperature 90 ̊C
Insulation Silicone rubber Silicone rubber 2G
Test voltage 4000V
Tensile strength 849N
Protection level I
diameter Ø6.9mm
Minimum installation temperature +5 ̊C or more
Protection current 30mA
Cable spacing Spacing between cables shall not be less than 5cm


Floor heating configurative

Floor heating configurative

  1. Thermostat (86 boxes)
  2. Temperature limiter (double link box) 
  3. Hot and cold wire cable pipes
  4. Temperature limiter copper sleeve
  5. Tiles, marble finishes
  6. Cement sand screed
  7. Reinforced net 
  8. Thermal insulation layer
  9. Bare slab surface

Floor heating wet construction method

Within 70mm including surface finishing panels.

Note 1: The overall depth of the finished surface will affect the surface temperature and thermal conduction time.

Note 2: If the finished thickness exceeds 70mm, the conduction time and thermal energy effect will be affected.

Heating Cable Installation Sequence Program



Customers call to inquire and provide floor plan of unit for floor heating planning.


Discuss the extent of the floor heating with the designer and/ or the owner.


Signing of contract and payment of deposit after confirmation of the scope of work.


Site inspection by electrical and mechanical personal, and direction to site representative to secure power supply to thedesignated thermostat locations.


Company to inspect upon confirmation of power supply arrangement is in order.


10 days’ notice be given in advance of actual implementation on site.


Joint inspection with landlord and/ or designer of phased completion.


Payment upon certified completion according to the contract conditions.


Halmbuger offered a 10-year warranty with computer record and regular update.

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